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NZR, energy measurement, meter-data-service

Services: meter-data-service
The meter-data-service addresses to network operators, industrial customers and to the housing industry. A large range of services concerning data procurement, data reporting and data allocation is offered to your company. You will receive data of the energy types current, gas, water and heat ready for invoicing. Your advantage will be cost-effective conditions without the need of own invests in hardware and software or in education of staff. Furthermore, there will be no consequential costs for your company for maintenance and overhauling. Our services in detail:

You will obtain the invoicing data and/or loading profile of your customers in order to be in the position to raise the invoices in time. Or you will obtain system services for your networks according to the agreements of the associations of current and gas.

Providing of technics for measurement and communication
The data is the important point for you! So why causing costs for the required starting invest in instruments, for maintenance, the remote readout of meters or logistics - NZR full-service-leasing for instruments and communication is the key.

Change of measurement points
You can change your measurement fields to an effective remote readout of your meter quickly and cost effective. You need not to care for the back fitting of the measurement points. It doesn’t matter whether it concerns direct or change measurement or low or middle tension. Even the fitting of modems for communication and the enabling to the network of communication will be done.

Preparation and transmission of the invoicing data
You would like to invoice at the beginning of the month? No problem. You will receive all relevant data for invoicing at the desired interface on your required time.

Preparation and transmission of loading profiles
You are in need of sum loading profiles in order to transmit them to your dealers or to your transmission network operators? You would like to calculate the external deliveries of your customer network area together to your transmitting points in your network? Such calculations could be provided for customers with a loading measurement of half an hour as well as for customers with loading profiles. You will receive the data in the requested format, 7 days a week, the whole year according to the demands of the metering.

Providing of the meter data on the internet
The readout data can be provided for view on the internet due its electronic format. The system is based on the usage of PIN and TAN numbers (like online banking), so only authorized persons obtain access to their own data.

System technology M-Bus

Find out the new M-Bus systeme technology flyer from NZR. The M-Bus is a european standard in accordance with EN1434-3 for remote meter reading.

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