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NZR, meter leasing services, energy measurement

Services: Leasing
The NZR Leasing enables your company to lease the whole of your installed equipment. The advantages of financing are sufficiently known and also the technical advantages of an installed base which is always up to date are quite clear.

Complexity of services
Your demand of equipment will be assembled material related, i.e. not only the needed meter technics but also the dedicated components as e.g. bus systems, modem or even the software could be included in the leasing contract.

If you use an calibrated meter the duration of the leasing contract will be abuted as a general rule to the validity of the calibration of the meter For other components you can choose flexible duration, which is orientated at the technical time of utilization. The duration starts with the delivery of the equipment.

Leasing Fee
The usage of the equipment has to be paid in consistent monthly rates.

End of usage
After you have stopped using your meters you can just send the used meter and their components back to NZR and you could equip your object with the latest meter technics.

System technology M-Bus

Find out the new M-Bus systeme technology flyer from NZR. The M-Bus is a european standard in accordance with EN1434-3 for remote meter reading.

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