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NZR, energy measurment, gas meter services

Services: gas meters
We can support you with specialist who have a lot of experiences concerning gas meters. We can provide services as e.g. installation and de-installation of meters, random tests, maintenance services, calibrations and diagnostic findings.

Random tests
The validity of the calibration of the meters is temporally limited according to the legal defaults. The validity of the calibrations can be prolonged by doing random tests, so that the meters may be installed until the time when the next random test should take place, i.e. you can save the change of the meter and the purchase of a new one can be delayed.

These are the most important criteria for a successful random test:

  • The complete file maintenance of the meters concerning calibration terms and installation place
  • The competent context of the meters concerning manufacturer, type and year of manufacture
  • A proper declaration and accomplishment of the random test at the gaging office
  • The accurate handling of the testing sets
  • If you have any request you can rely on the long lasting experience of the team of NZR.

The technics of the gas meters is very complex what means that they can only be suited for reconditioned refurbishment on a small scale. The repair according to the prescription of DVGW makes such a cost saving overhauling possible. The NZR maintenance department has the necessary machinery and a large spare part stock, which warrants the maintenance and overhauling of different types of meters of all established manufacturers.

Your meters will be handled according to the following characteristics:

  • Pickup of the meter which should be maintained
  • Maintenance according to the guideline of DVGW for the proper overhauling of gas meters category 1 or 2
  • Special tasks according to the orders as e.g.
  • Fix of the notification of the owner, also barcode with additional separation labels for the internal documentation
  • Null position of the rollers of the meter
  • Adjustment of special pulse rations special lacquering
  • Creation of the delivery note with all relevant data concerning the meter, also in an electronically form if desired
  • Delivery of the meter which has been maintained
  • Calibration (also known as certification in former times)

All measurement instruments which are used for the calculation of gas consumption need to be calibrated, if they are related to business or kept ready for usage. This concerns not only gas meters of the public utility industry but also those ones which are used in-between, below, camping, etc. between two parties for value (e.g. hirer and landlord). The calibration of the meters takes place either at the offices of calibration of the federal states or in the legal admitted test centers.

NZR possess the sponsorship of one own legal admitted test centers for heat:

  • legal admitted test center GG 14 in Bad Laer (Niedersachsen)

According to the laws of calibration the legal admitted test center of NZR calibrate gas meters of the seize G4 and G65, this is equivalent to 4 until 100 m³ /hour. NZR cares for the repair of larger gas meters, but the calibration will then center which has the correspondent admittance. For the accomplishment we use only test control units which are latest models, full automatically or have computer programmed controllers. All gained data will be acquired and will be put into the archives under consideration of the legal allegation.

Test of diagnostic findings
The test verifies the correctness of a calibrated meter. This is a mandatory regulation, which needs to be documented in an inspection report of a legal admitted test center. If the customer has got his invoice according to the display of the meter and he has doubt about the correctness of the meter, he has the right to apply for a diagnostic finding. It will then be checked if the adherence of the error margins can be guaranteed This mostly very sensitive matter can be addressed faithfully as a third party to NZR.


System technology M-Bus

Find out the new M-Bus systeme technology flyer from NZR. The M-Bus is a european standard in accordance with EN1434-3 for remote meter reading.

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