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MLogX M-Bus Datenlogger NZR

Datasheet Datasheet

M-Bus data logger

The M-Bus Data Logger MLogX represents a key component of  a system for recording energy-consumption-data. It works as a link between a M-Bus network and an energy management software or the remote meter reading software VADEV®.

The connected M-Bus network is read by the data logger cyclically. The reading interval is for each counter parameterized (5/15/60min.). The collected data is stored as M-Bus raw data including time stamp on the SD card of the data logger. The subsequent interpretation of the M-Bus telegram is carried out exclusively in the readout software for example, energy management software or in the remote meter reading software.

In a configurable interval the files from the SD card will be copied to an FTP server (PUSH mode). The readout software performs a transfer of files from the FTP server. According to the interpretation of the M-Bus raw data, the entire content of the M-Bus telegram is (RSP_UD2 telegram) for further processing. The remote meter reading software can generate from the individual meter readings load profiles and so date values ​​are generated.

In addition you can access at any time to the M-Bus via the USB or Ethernet interface, such as a level converter.

The unit is supplied with a SD card.


System technology M-Bus

Find out the new M-Bus systeme technology flyer from NZR. The M-Bus is a european standard in accordance with EN1434-3 for remote meter reading.

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