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LMZ 0115

Coin meter for water

The prepayment can be set by customer. The water volume and number of coins can be set. After placing of the coin into the slot the display shows the released volume of water. The solenoid valve switches on at the same time. The water volume will be reduced Liter by Liter. The water volume will be increased if additional coins are placed into the slot.

  • High-grade precision prepayment verifier with wire and thread barrier, returning of counterfeit money
  • 2-digit LC-display to show remaining water
  • Simple setting of consumption per coin
  • Consumption measurement with pulse water meter Qn 1,5
  • Simple connection with 5-pin plug-in
  • Powder coated stainless steel housing with security cylinderlock

Many different features can be ordered seperately for coin meter. (overview)


System technology M-Bus

Find out the new M-Bus systeme technology flyer from NZR. The M-Bus is a european standard in accordance with EN1434-3 for remote meter reading.

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