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History of the company group

The headquarter of NZR is situated in Bad Laer on the verge of the Teutoburger Wald. Already in 1933, when the company has been founded, the business with meters has taken a center stage.

NZR is with her about 200 employees the supplier of products and services of measurement engineering for energy utilities, public utiliy companies, wholesale dealers, industry and fitters.

Once started with the maintenance and repair of electric meters, nowadays the company is dealing in the ranges of electricity, water, heat and gas. The association cares for development and design, production, maintenance and repair as well as calibration of measurement insruments.

NZR possesses the sponsorship of seven legal admitted test centres for measurement instruments for electricity, water, heat and gas. Today, they rank among the largest german test centres. The long lasting and successful cooperation with energy utility companies at home and abroad has made this possible.

Due to the large range of offerings the customer meets with NZR a competent partner concerning new technologies and requirements for enegry consumption meters even if they are nonstandard.

NZR offers to her customers customised system solutions for different requirements due to several self developments e.g. in the range of meters which are using coins, prepayment, optimisation of load, remote readout for meters.

NZR is always just nearby. Several NZR representations are consulting the clients individually. Since 1991, the company has also a branch in Lübtheen near Schwerin, in order to guarantee quick and flexible services to the customers in the northeastern and eastern part of the country. The KBH Biesinger GmbH, located in Hirchhorn am Neckar, which has been founded in 1921, has joined the NZR Group in 1991 to provide a competent base for customers in the southern part of Germany.

1933 - Foundation of the company as repair shop for electricity meters

1965 - Setup of a legal admitted test centre for electricity meters

1981 - Establishment of a legal admitted test centre for water meters

1986 - Setup of a legal admitted test centre for gas meters

1988 - Foundation of the NZR Energiesysteme GmbH as sales company for energy optimisation systems

1991 - Foundation of the subsidary NZR Messtechnik GmbH in Lübtheen, Mecklemburg-Vorpommern

1991 - Adoption of the subsidary K. Biesinger GmbH in Hirschhorn am Neckar, Hessen

1993 - Setup of a legal admitted test centre for heat

1993 - Starting with the self development and self production of electronical energy meters

1995 - Foundation of the own Leasing Associaltion NZR Leasing GmbH as an independent company

2003 - Accreditation as DKD-calibration laboratory

2008 - 75th jubilee of the company

System technology M-Bus

Find out the new M-Bus systeme technology flyer from NZR. The M-Bus is a european standard in accordance with EN1434-3 for remote meter reading.

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