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EDNA-Initiative will become Federal Association Energy Market & Communication


New name to account for extended market processes. NZR is member of the EDNA-Initiative.

At their Berlin general meeting on 29 March 2011, the EDNA-Initiative e.V. unanimously decided to organise themselves in the future as a federal association (Bundesverband). Operating under the new name “EDNA Bundesverband Energiemarkt & Kommunikation” (EDNA Federal Association Energy Market & Communication), EDNA will, with even more assertiveness than so far, look after the interests of players involved in energy market related communication processes, i.e. players like software producers, corporate consultants, energy market service providers and corporate users. “EDNA thereby accommodates the development that, for a long time, energy market processes have no more been restricted to mere energy logistics. Such processes will in the future reach from energy generation via its distribution down to the individual companies or households”, that is how Dirk Heinze, future president of EDNA Bundesverband Energiemarkt & Kommunikation, substantiates the new positioning. “The term ‘Bundesverband’ (federal association) highlights our aspiration at a glance: We want to serve as a single lobby for all companies involved in the implementation of market processes in the energy industry. As a mere ‘initiative’ we have not always been perceived that way”, Heinze adds. The “EDNA” brand, however, will not be abandoned by the new association. “EDNA stands for expertise, quality and a level of persistence when it comes to ensuring a practical implementation of specifications for market communication. We want to remain faithful to this ‘brand image’”, Dirk Heinze sums up.

Market processes were also in the focus of this year’s presentations. For instance, Alexander Kleemann of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie) gave an outlook on the changes in the law on the energy industry EnWG expected to be passed in the first quarter of 2012. He underlined that interoperability will be a key concern, also with regard to the definition of standards for digital meters. Proprietary systems ought to be avoided. The final specifications, however, should not be expected before an efficiency analysis has been carried out, which is due only in the year 2012. EDNA managing director Rüdiger Winkler used the opportunity to rekindle the discussion on an effective quality management. “We should at last introduce a mandatory testing and certification procedure for market processes and market communication as EDNA has been demanding for a couple of years. The required instruments are available, it’s just the decision that has to be made”, Winkler says.

The upcoming changes in the German law on the energy industry EnWG were also covered by Vlatka Cordes of RWE who explained the position of BDEW (Federal association of energy & water industries). She pointed out that the draft bill provides for the implementation of a three weeks deadline in the case of a supplier switch, which is a remarkable novelty since, in the past, such time-limits were only fixed by the Federal Network Agency. “This means that, with the bill taking effect, this time-limit will become applicable law. It remains to be seen if, by the time of the new EnWG coming into force – presumably the first quarter of 2012 – the necessary changes in processes and IT applications can be successfully implemented, so that the processes will actually run smoothly right from the start”, she described potential problems of this draft amendment.

At the EDNA general meeting the board and the advisory council were elected which - after registration of the association - will also be elected executive committee and board of the new EDNA Bundesverband Energiemarkt & Kommunikation e.V.

Chairman and future president will be Dirk Heinze (Meine-Energie GmbH). Also, members of the board and of the future executive committee respectively, will be Rainer Grempe (Manß & Partner GmbH) and Norbert Schulz (regiocom GmbH). Finally, the following gentlemen have been elected to form the advisory council:

Dr. Michael Höderath (phi Consulting GmbH), Dr. Christoph Mayer (OFFIS Institut für Informatik), Bernd Mildebrath (Schleupen AG) and Christoph Roenick (Kisters AG).

For further informations visit: www.edna-initiative.de/en


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